To begin with, you may find it easier to use a baby bath seat, with a rubber mat or a sponge bath
base. Just place your baby bath seat as it is, in the sink or place it on the rubber or sponge mat over
your bathroom counter.
Never leave your baby alone in the bath, not even for a few seconds. Even if one of your older
children is in the bath with him, or you are using a special bath, bath support or bath seat, you must
stay with your baby.
If someone comes to the door or the phone rings and you feel you must answer it, scoop your baby
up, wrap him in a towel, and take him with you.


Choose a time of day when you’re not expecting any interruptions and you can fully devote your time to your baby. It’s always best if your baby is awake and not cranky before you start, also, do bath him between feeds, so he’s neither hungry nor full.

Initially you may find it easier to bath your baby during the day. But when you feel you and your baby are ready, it can also become part of his bedtime routine. Always remember, A clean baby – A happy baby!