A good burp during and after feedings can calm fussiness. Here are tips to help your baby burp.

Tips on Burping Baby

Always keep a burping towel or bib between your clothes and the baby’s mouth, this will help protect your clothes.

Keep a cloth or bib handy in case baby spits up.

A gentle pator rub on the baby’s back may get the burp up for most babies, some may  need a slightly firmer hand.

Gently pat the baby’s back focusing on the left side of baby’s back, which is where the stomach is located.

When the baby is fussing in the middle of the feeding it may be due to discomfort from swallowed air, continued fussing causes the baby to swallow more air which can lead to spitting, it’s best to stop the feed and burp your baby gently, this will bring up the air and make space for baby’s full meal. A calm baby – A happy baby!