At first, bathing your baby may seem like a huge task, with all the things you have to remember before starting the bath. It will get easier day by day. Soon, your baby’s bath becomes another routine you’ll enjoy and do it like a pro!

Get everything ready in advance

Before you start your baby’s bath, ensure you have all the things you need on the counter near you. These may include:

A bowl of warm water for face washing and bathing.

Several clean cotton pads.

A sponge.

A mild, liquid baby cleanser, 3 in 1 body wash or bath emollient, as using these products will protect your baby’s natural skin barrier.

Hooded towels, they are good for wrapping up your baby from top to toe.

Prepare the bathroom

Keep the room warm and close windows and doors to avoid cold air.

Put cold water in the bath first, then hot, so that the bath water is comfortably warm. Mix the water well.

The water temperature should be (about 37 degrees C to 38 degrees C). Use your elbow, rather than your hand, to check the temperature. It should feel neither hot nor cold.

Wash your baby gently and thoroughly

Before you bath your baby, wash his face with clean cotton pads dipped in warm water and squeezed out. There’s no need to use soap or cleanser on your baby’s face.

Dip a cotton wool in water and use it to clean around your baby’s ears. Never use cotton buds to clean inside your baby’s ears. Wash under your baby’s chin and dry gently with a towel.

If your baby has dried mucus in his eyes or nostrils, dab it first with moistened cotton wool to soften the mucus. Wipe each eye from the nose outwards with a fresh dampened cotton pad.

After you clean your baby’s face, bring your baby to the bath area, undress him and remove his nappy. If there’s poo in the nappy, clean your baby’s first before putting him in his bath chair.

Slowly put your baby on his bath chair, use one hand at all times to support you baby, use your other hand to wash him.

Wash your baby with water, or use a mild, liquid baby cleanser, 3 in 1 body was or bath emollient.

Use your hand or a sponge to clean your baby from top to bottom and front to back. For your baby’s genitals, a routine wash is all that’s needed.

Dry your baby off and keep him warm

Lift your baby out of the bath chair and straight on to a towel. Wrap him up warm and pat him, rather than rub, dry before putting a nappy on.

If your baby’s skin is dry you could smooth on a mild moisturizing lotion, or cream.

Before getting your baby dressed, you can  give him a massage to help him relax.

Do ensure, that the windows of the room are closed during the time you’re changing your baby to avoid cold air, dress up your little one, your baby is now ready for a nice feed and a good nap!