Taking care of babies can be a tricky job for moms during monsoon. Mothers do their utmost to nourish and maintain hygiene standards for their babies. The arrival of monsoon is a relief from the scorching heat of summers but on the other hand the rise in humidity and the drop-in temperature brings health and hygiene problems for newborns such as allergies, infections and rashes. It’s best to take precautions to avoid infections.

Tips on How to Keep Newborn Baby Healthy and Safe During the Monsoons

Since newborn babies are most prone to the after effects of the monsoon season, certain precautions should be taken to avoid infections and allergies.

Pre Monsoon Check

Make it a habit to check and prepare your home for the monsoon season. For example, check doors and windows for leaks, dampness and other problems that may occur during that time. It’s a good idea to check the corners of your home and clean them of any fungus and moulds that may be growing there.

Good Quality Wipes

Its great to consider using good quality wipes instead of hard water to keep your baby free of germs. Always wipe your own hands too before picking up your baby to Prevent transferring germs to your baby.

Ensure Clean Surroundings

Do ensure that your house should be mopped frequently with disinfectant that could prevent harboring of disease-causing pests and insects. Always keep everything dry and clean, especially your kitchen surfaces and ensure that garbage bin lids are intact. Always dispose your garbage in eco friendly bags firmly closed. Another very important thing is to ensure that there’s no stagnant water areas around your house. If found do eliminate it before it becomes a haven for mosquitos, flies and bacteria.

Keep Your Baby Dry

It’s important to keep in mind that your babies’ clothes are clean, warm and dry because clothes after washed often remain cold and damp in the monsoon weather, damp clothes may result in your baby catching a fever or cold.

Avoid Rashes

Keep changing baby diapers on time so that babies can avoid rashes.

Protection from Mosquitoes

The most important of all, make sure your house windows are closed during dawn and dusk to avoid mosquitoes from flying inside. Precautions to prevent mosquitoes from causing serious illness such as dengue or malaria can be natural insects repellent, mesh windows, bed nets etc. Always dress your baby in full clothes so bugs don’t have any access to skin.

It’s always best to take some safety precautions in such unpredictable weather.

Happy Monsoon