Instant noodles and all the instant store-bought food items are not a healthy choice for your children.

These noodles have got no nutritional value and the studies have indicated that they are leading to the problems linked to obesity in developing nations.

These items are cheaper and easily available and cook in just minutes, which is why working parents from low-income households often depend on them for their child’s meals.

As per a Nutritionist, noodles are made from maida and have got no proteins or fibre in them.

She added that a single cup of noodles contains at least 36 calories and a hazardous amount of salt and preservatives. Food products having such a high content of salt leads to problems like blood pressure and diabetes.

She also suggested to opt for the egg noodles for the protein component, topped with meat like mutton.

Instant noodles should not be an alternative for the proper meals which should have a balanced proportion of all the nutrients.

The nutritionist also suggested that the mothers who want their children should consume healthy food commodities should also develop healthy eating habits as children are good at copying their parents.