Did u know that Bug repellents — even the DEET-free ones — are not safe for Newborns. Says The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

You can’t put mosquito repellent sprays or lotions on your baby since they are too little, the best way is avoiding mosquitoes altogether. Here are some tips that can come in handy.

Stay in

It’s very important to stay indoors during dawn and dusk because that’s when the mosquitoes are most active. Avoid going out with your baby during that time.

Secure Your Windows

Ensure that all your windows and doors have proper nets on them to keep the mosquitoes from flying or crawling inside.

Proper Clothes

It’s very important to dress your baby appropriately so that the mosquitoes don’t have access to skin. Babies should be properly attired in socks, hat, long sleeves shirts and pants.

Dress your baby so that mosquitoes don’t have any access to skin.

Cover With Net

It’s always best to cover your baby’s stroller with a light fitted net when you’re taking them outdoors.

Standing Water

Standing water areas are home to flies and mosquitoes, keep an eye on damp sides near your house and try to keep the area near your house dry.