Once the sweaty summers are over and the moist monsoons have bid their goodbye, many welcome the winter with a happy smile on their face. Newborn baby care in winter is your most important responsibility and your child requires all the help he can get to stay healthy throughout the months.

Why is Baby Care in Winter Important?

Newborn babies require continued care and this need for care is increased when winter approaches. Winter is a gala time for different microbes and viruses to thrive and find hosts to infect. Combined with a decreased immunity, your baby becomes an easy target for diseases and increases the chances of the little one falling ill.

Problem Caused by Winter Viruses

One of the key problems that take place in winter is the spread of various viruses that readily affect anyone in a matter of time. This results in typical winter diseases such as: Cold, flu, fever, etc.

Symptoms of Winter Infections in Babies

Most of the infections that occur in winter have strong symptoms, which make them easier to be spotted. The major ones amongst them are:

. Severe coughing that results in vomiting.

. Having trouble in taking breaths, causing the baby to gasp or take tiny breaths.

. Wheezing sounds while sleeping or even after coughing.

. Constantly runny nose, fever, cough, with a headache and fatigue.

Useful Tips for Infant Care in Winter

To ensure that your baby stays healthy in winter and how to take care of your baby’s skin, there are a few tips you can follow to keep your baby safe.

1.Use a Humidifier

In some areas the temperature can drop quite a bit, making it necessary to keep a heater in your room. The heater could rob the room of water vapour making the air dry and your baby’s skin too. Installing a humidifier in your room will maintain the moisture level thus resolving the dryness issue.

2. Use a Moisturiser

Your baby’s skin is extremely sweet sensitive and can get easily dry during winters. To ensure that your baby’s skin remains soft and smooth, make use of good quality baby lotions to keep their skin dryness free.

3. Massage Your Baby Well

Giving your baby a good loving massage with a good quality baby oil is always a great idea, it stimulates the blood flow which indirectly boosts the immunity in your baby. Do remember to maintain a warm atmosphere when you’re massaging your baby.

5. Don’t Use Heavy Blankets

Covering your baby with a nice warm blanket may seem like the best thing to make him comfortable in winters but that is no necessary the safest way. Your child can’t shift the blanket and the warm blanket might overheat him. Use a light blanket instead and keep the room temperature optimal.

 6. Use Comfortable Clothing

Choose to dress your baby depending on the room temperature, and opt for clothes that fully cover his body but are not constricting. Keeping your baby constantly wrapped up in thick clothes could restrict them and also irritate your baby.

7. Maintain a Warm Temperature

Keeping your baby’s room comfortable in winters is quite a challenge. It’s best to keep the windows shut if you reside in a place with cold air blowing frequently. It’s also important to make sure the room is properly ventilated. Use a heater if it’s required, to keep your baby comfortable.

8. Don’t Stop Breastfeeding

Continue to breastfeed your baby. Mothers milk is the best gift you can give to your child, it’s a treasure of antibodies and nutrients that help the baby strengthen and protect him from usual diseases. The warmth of your body and milk can be quite relaxing fir your baby as well.

9. Taking Care Outdoors

Unless it’s very cold outside it’s absolutely fine to take a stroll with your baby outdoors. Some fresh air is always good for you and the baby. Do ensure that your baby is comfortably and warmly dressed.

10. Include Soup in The Diet

If your baby has reached the age where he can have solids. Introduce them to the delicious world of soups! Delicious soups in cold weather can be tempting for anyone. Use chicken broth or vegetables by crushing them down to make a fine purée and make soup with it.

Take care of yourself and your baby, Happy Winters!