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Understanding Colic: Treatment Colic should go away by the time your baby is 4 months old. Until then, try these tips. These may soothe your colic baby and give you some...

Bath & Skin Care

BABY’S FIRST BATH! The first few times you bath your baby it’s a good idea to have someone with you to give you a bit of support. It's also helpful if you've forgotten something you...

Bathing / Well being

HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU WASH YOUR BABY'S HAIR? Washing your baby’s hair once or twice a week is fine, your baby’s hair produces very little oil, so you don’t need to wash his hair everyday. If...

Roll Over

WHEN DO BABIES ROLL OVER? Once your baby has head control, and around the sometime that she learns to sit down on her own with support, she’ll learn to roll over. Your baby may be able...

Where should I Bath my Baby

To begin with you may find it easier to use a baby bath seat, with a rubber mat or a sponge bath base. Just place your baby bath seat as it is, in the...



Bath & Skin Care