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Nap-Time for New Born’s

Most newborns sleep anywhere from 2-4 hours at a time. So the number of naps your baby takes in a day depends on his age and  how long he’s been napping for. As your...

Bathing / Well being

HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU WASH YOUR BABY'S HAIR? Washing your baby’s hair once or twice a week is fine, your baby’s hair produces very little oil, so you don’t need to wash his hair everyday. If...

Where should I Bath my Baby

To begin with you may find it easier to use a baby bath seat, with a rubber mat or a sponge bath base. Just place your baby bath seat as it is, in the...

How often should I Bath my Baby?

It's up to you how often you give your baby a bath. Some babies love being in the water and giving your baby a warm bath can become a fun and relaxing routine. It’s not...



Well being